Letter: Don't Forget About Libertarian Choices

I would like to respond to a recent column titled "The Pup Tent" by Frank Cagle in the September 1, 2011 issue. I agree that Republicans are becoming more exclusionary with their views and the Democrats are "...feckless, leaderless, and ineffectual." Mr. Cagle does well to bring into question the sincerity and intentions of both the Republican and Democrat parties. My disagreement is with his conclusion. He states that, "Traditional Republican voters do have an option between the Democrats and Republicans. They can stay home on Election Day." Mr. Cagle unfortunately has limited himself and his readers to the thinking that there are just two choices in politics. Please let me take this opportunity to make Mr. Cagle, as well as your readers, aware of another political party, the Libertarian Party. Since its founding in 1971, the Libertarian Party has offered voters a better choice in politics. It was founded by Democrats and Republicans who were fed up with the direction both political parties were taking. Libertarians place the rights of the individual first and believe that the government we have now puts individual rights last. This can be seen with the perpetual wars and perpetual spending which, if we do nothing, will leave a financially broken country for our children and grandchildren to fix.

Americans demand choice in every aspect of our lives. Why, then, would we accept the notion that there are only two choices in politics? The conclusion I would like to have seen from Mr. Cagle is, "Traditional Republicans do have options other than just Republicans and Democrats. They can educate themselves about the various choices they have at the ballot box and can hopefully make an effective change away from the status quo that no longer represents them."

Jay Polk

Chair, Libertarian Party of Tennessee