Letter: Dissenting Opinion on Dissenting Opinion

"Don't read Cari Wade Gervin's [Sept. 26, 2013] ‘Breaking Lame' review," I was warned, "it'll piss you off."

I read it anyway.

I too, was a latecomer to watching Breaking Bad, just as I was with The Sopranos and Sex and the City, and several others. I'm not one for jumping on bandwagons. If it doesn't interest me, I'm not going to watch it; and I won't try to like something just because the rest of the world does.

So, I was fully prepared to read Ms. Gervin's perspective and, at least, respect her opinion, appreciate her analysis, and agree to disagree.

But instead, I felt like I read her latest diary entry, as if she's struggling to understand herself, and why she doesn't enjoy something that so many others do.

It's okay, Cari. You can be different.

For example, Ms. Gervin cites that she loves shows with "difficult men" as protagonists, and claims Breaking Bad should follow their template of supporting character development, but then contradicts herself by calling the show "formulaic."

And as far as I can tell, Ms. Gervin's biggest complaint is that she finds Walter White, "annoying."

Really. And you still sat through "every single episode." WHY? Don't you wish you had those 50-some-odd-hours of your life back? Were you assigned the show's review by the editor? Or did you just want a popular topic to write about in order to gain some readers?

Ms. Gervin, what exactly is your point? Because I found your review to be as annoying as you find Walter White. Completely devoid of any true critique, and with the series finale approaching, basically irrelevant.

Chelsea Samples