Letter: Disenchanted

The decision by the Anderson County Commission to post the motto "In God We Trust" outside of the county courthouse has elicited both praise and condemnation from the general public. One commissioner stated that the motto "fits the community," but opponents believe that it is an unconstitutional act promoting religion on government property. I consider it an unfortunate occurrence for a different reason.

A growing number of spiritually-oriented people are cutting ties with organized religion because they are either finding traditional messages unconvincing or they distrust the messengers. For them, our churches no longer rely on the power of the message preached from the pulpit to grow the Kingdom of God, but instead use pandering politicians to codify Christian thinking into law. These disenchanted doubters see Christians as too lazy or too weak in their convictions to bring about change and too ready to rely on county commissions to fulfill the "Great Commission" given by Jesus. So those supporting the posting won the struggle to display their trust in God on public property, but may have sacrificed the opportunity to foster that sentiment in the hearts and minds of others. We Christians would do well to remember the last tempting distraction that Satan dangled before Jesus was political power.

Billy Joe Finuchi