Letter: Damn Yankee Sarcasm

How absurd and ignorant of history can one get—the letter from Charles Long calling anyone with a rebel flag or sticker a terrorist. ["Security Threat Level Gray," Letters, April 19, 2012] I would have to assume he is another transplanted Damn Yankee who has moved down here.

He shows his ignorance by not knowing that the Blue and Gray shared many reunions together. One well known one was at Gettysburg when veterans of both sides meet in the early 1900s one can probably YouTube a portion of it. There was the Blue and Gray here in Knoxville, I believe in 1884, which one of my grandfathers and two of his sons attended.

I fought for my country in Vietnam as did my brother and I will continue to honor my Confederate ancestors as well as my Unionist ones.

The author talks of how many were killed during The War Between the States and this is true. But the men of both sides stood toe-to-toe and had at it. He should read the accounts of the Battle of the Mule Shoe in Virginia or the Battle of Franklin, where they fought as men and not as some terrorist. Maybe he should look at his Yankee roots a little—he may find the real history of terrorism with the people of New England being the major Negro slave traders.

What an idiot you are, Charles Long, and why would you the editor publish such dribble; you're as bad has him in your biased mode of mind. George Orwell's 1984 is here.

R.M. Williams