Letter: Crossword Puzzle Not Good

Ed. Note: We don't often run an anonymous letter to the editor, but this one was especially fascinating. [All punctuation and spelling is sic.] We would also like to point out that our crossword puzzle, KnoxWord, is created each week by Jack Neely and Ian Blackburn, not by computer programs.

I would have to say there is nothing funny about your publication... it just so happens to be the most annonymous and dissapointing publication in what could possibly be the entire history of this local area and community... unless you have some sort of copy of a maccironi art collection from regulars at a rehabilitation clinic... most of all the likeli-hood that any of you possess the capacity to prove you're self-declared "brilliance" and all that jazz is highly unlikely for i truely believe that not a single individual "volunteering" at your "studio" could complete a single printed cross-word puzzle presented in your print example without cheating... let alone without putting together something manually and...!!! then plajorizing it in an issue of your publication... i highly doubt that your entire team has the ability to pool together to get so far as HALF on a single puzzle within a single isue... because the likeli-hood that any of you even apply yourselves in the fashion to create these without some sort of emulation software or cross-word-puzzle, computer generating program is most likely the truth of the matter... and to continue my commendeering of dissapproval in your entire capicity to serve this community with ligitimate information and usefull reference material would have prevented a grand exodus as what i used to consider a majority of my social interests... not to mention it will be a long time before you ever hear from this annonymous individual let alone be able to disprove the reality that i'm most likely correct with my impression of your capicity as a whole or a group of individuals whome as i'm more than willing to believve as well as point out, do nothing more than infatuate with professional "information (news) print" endevor-ing. it is most likely never going to happen because i strongly doubt that you can prove any of your individual capacities in participating with it's production on the type of level that could inevitably result in any sort of viable referrence material... which if i can recall was the intentional orientation of this "periodical" in the first palce... if i recall correctly with "magazine" was designed and created with a direct intention to progess potetion writers in the local area to pursue bigger and better things that this potential "ghost town" which is all i would refer to it as with most likely the greatest density to square mile of adult oriented product superstores... cheap laungeree outlests and will at least "pawn" oriented reciept programs... i would also bet our area specifically has the greatest volumn of unpaid for items held on layaway... which i would also willingly accredit to your indecent proposal of inadequate concerning yourself with the degree of ligitimate archiving and presentation of information and news useful to locals vs. vagabonds, drifters, wanderers and "passer-bys" i hope the whole opperation gets canned and a new becon of "approving content" with more interesting and viable content... for people that live here and spend good money here vs.... the pill popping drug abusing and other various forms of addicts that somehow hole up in reputable properties without supplicating veritable income honestly and truthfully when expected as well as the conditions required by the property holders and management facilitations... i hope all of you have day jobs because any income generated by your self incluseiong to the entirely wrong way to conduct the "metro pulse" is not legal and it is very likely that you will have nothing to preoccupy your time considering you probably don't even do the work you yourselves must inevitably connotate to your own "names" or aliases or whatever you have that allows you to get away with what you do for what seems to be a cycle of approximately 2 years... each... at least that's how long i've noticed those employed at the article in question function with reference to their own "identities" and don't bother persueing a rebuttle... your entire degredation of a good thing is a narsacistic joke implied by other unlikelies holing up in, well, a disreputable fashion, and i honestly hope you pay for what you get... so.. have fun with your inability to confront me in any way as well as prove me wrong because if i'm not... you won't have any legal right to do so... even more as i have stated this in annonymous and i simply desired to point out to your (most likely) non-brilliant faces that your participation is lame and should never have strayed from the progress made back in the 90's i hope you feel guilty for how stiffling your contribution to the community actually is to potential and talent this area used to possess. thanks for ruining my social life with your aclimation of insistence that people like "you" live here vs. people that just so happend to "used" to enjoy living here before all you out of towners ruined this really wonderful and potentially unlimited quality of life... to the expansive nature of an overabundance of ghetto and overpriced and undercosted material base reality in what used to be only capable of ownership in inhereitable fashions from direct blood relations... i hope you suffer for the disppoint and inequality driven engine of (lack ) of community say and participation and fess up to your inabilities as professionals thanks for nothing and your mag is a joke... it's written on newspaper... and was intended on being a "glossed magazine" you literally ruined this town/area single handedly.. once again i hope you suffer...