Letter: A Cool Glass of Water

I wanted to follow up with Eleanor Scott's story re: Love Creek "Springs." ["Love Springs Eternal," A Living World, Sept. 29, 2011] I've been going to these "springs" for many years now and have tried to gather more info about the water from this place. I was told by another water-seeker that it was actually not a natural spring. It was a deep well that had been dug by a company looking for minerals or oil. What they got was a gusher of aquifer water. It was capped to control it and now comes out via a pipe for easy collecting. I was told that this information had been obtained from one of the older homeowners that lived in one of the houses across the street.

I also wanted to know more about the safety of drinking this water. So, I tracked down an official who told me that they test the water for pathogens at least quarterly and that no pathogen contamination had ever shown up in their testing.

One interesting thing we've noticed is that ice cubes made with this water don't easily come out of the ice tray in whole cubes like they do when we use tap water. It fractures. (In order to get intact cubes, we learned to allow it to sit out for a minute or so before trying to remove the cubes from the tray.) Apparently, this is because of its high mineral content. (There's an interesting discussion about this on Ask MetaFilter.) Not really sure if this rich mineral water provides your body with minerals (seems to be some debate about that and I haven't found evidence to support whether it does or not), but I know one thing for sure. This free flowing artesian aquifer well offers up some of the finest-tasting water one can get!

Marty McWhirter