Letter: Compost Confusion

Thank you for your wonderful publication, especially the Knox Triage section. It is a great resource that leads off your great weekly. I appreciate all the wonderful information you all pack in there with the Weekly Plan-it, Quote of the Week, the great Street Talk interviews, and Ms. Bricquet's clever and insightful illustrations. Someone not from here could get a good understanding of the local zeitgeist just by glancing over these first few pages.

However, your Oct. 3 issue included a bone-headed blunder right in the middle of the Triage. Your column What Knoxville Needs, a great section that inspires to make civic visionaries of us all, proposed a problem whose solution you yourselves already covered some four months ago in the Knox Triage! I'm referring to the Street Talk interview you conducted back in June with the industrious Bryan Alexander about his new business, Knox Composts. Knox Composts is an urban compost pickup service that serves both residents and businesses willing to sign up for their services. In short, exactly what Ms. Jessie B. ("former resident") states is "what Knoxville needs."

Thank you for your coverage of Knox Composts in the first place. We both agree it is an inspired idea whose time has come. People interested can continue to support it by subscribing at knoxcomposts.com. But here's a suggestion for the editors of the Triage: If you're curious to learn what it is we Knoxvillians need, how about you ask people who actually live in Knoxville?

Robert Ries