Letter: Cleaning Street Litter By Phone

I want to thank Metro Pulse for having an article on the recent curbside recycling program ["Recycle Rollout," Citybeat by Rose Kennedy, Nov. 3, 2011]. This article brings more attention to the program and I'm sure this will result in not only an increase in sign-up for the program by readers but also lead to a greater influence on Knoxvillians to have a greater desire to be eco-friendly here in our respectable "Valley of Innovation." Naturally, this means less unwanted refuse in our local landfills and hopefully a reduction in overall litter around town, too.

I am please to say that Knoxville has many initiatives for a cleaner and healthier environment. We were recently voted a model city by the Climate Group's Recycle Together initiative. One of my favorites is provided via a phone call to 311 of Knoxville (some may not know this). They have a litter pick-up request feature that allows you to report debris-ridden roads within in the city limits. I am a major advocate of this feature and call 311 at least once a month to report a handful of roads within five miles of my home in the Island Home area or any other roads I find overcrowded with litter and debris. The service is pretty prompt and accurate. I love the feeling of driving on a road that I know I helped clean up by making a quick phone call. It's a shame it's limited to only the city limits.

I hope one day soon that more of my fellow Knoxvillians will utilize this feature the city provides. Imagine if one in five folks made the same report for their portion of town every month. The result would be more pristine main roads and equally as important our side roads; small creeks and tributaries would become unspoiled again. All by making a phone call. Maybe in the near future we will be named one of the cleanest cities of America in addition to our recycling initiatives. Let's keep Knoxville beautiful, folks. Thank you again, Metro Pulse. Keep up the good work.

Seth Frazee