Letter: Calling Interference

Ear to the Ground has confirmed that I am one of these people fascinated by governmental car wrecks. Each time I read this column dedicated to all the uncertainty and gossip of politics, I realize I just can't look away. I should. And yet I cant wait for the next edition.

My latest concern is a generous offer of three of our Tennessee legislators. ["Who Makes the Call? Sept. 6, 2012] Rather than let the hilltop development issue be decided by the MPC or the County Commission, our legislators have decided to take our local issues to Nashville.

You think that I'm concerned about hilltop development; at this point you're wrong. Because you know the losers will be MPC, the county, and maybe the landowner.

State Senators Massey and Campfield, and Rep. Hall came to power meeting citizen concern about Big Government Interference. Now they display Big Government ideology. And they are interfering.

Larry Pennington