Letter: Back to the Middle

To Jerry Bone, whoever you are ["A Motley Crew," Letters, Nov. 3, 2012]: To generally castigate Republicans as ignorant, homophobic racists, and leaderless as well, does us no service.

I'm really tired of the ultra-divisive, partisan, polarized nation we've become under Obama. How could we expect the most partisan senator who mostly voted "present" to heal our nation?

How can we move forward with a man who seldom answers some of our most important questions, and chooses to talk to the people through late-night TV pulp instead of legitimate press conferences. How can the media abandon their ethical standards to the degree we all feel confused, unable to ever know the truth?

It happens when a nation of spoiled, lazy, uninformed voters think "cool" is better than honest. For every backwoods codger who says the "n word" when talking about Obama, there's an urban reverse-racist who spends more time partying than reading. It's the middle we need to get back to, and if we don't do it now, a very relevant God won't help us.

Deb Hardison