Letter: Another Truck to Follow

Cari… Wade… Gervin, just read your article "Food Truck Explosion!" [June 28, 2012], and was completely perplexed. Your article on food trucks opened and closed by paying homage to a brick-and-mortar restaurant that is no longer in business, followed by an in-depth article about two trucks that might open, as well as a description of a truck in another town, while one of the most exciting food trucks in Knoxville was omitted: Chef Deuce's Island Grill.

Chef Deuce's Island Grill has been open in Knoxville since January of this year, and has been serving fresh Caribbean food all around town almost every day of the week. This truck is run by Chef Justin Deuso who is a graduate of the New England Culinary Institute, and who has worked in all manner of food service from the Ritz Carlton in St. Thomas, to the skyboxes of Neyland Stadium, as well as running a private chef and catering service.

I encourage everyone to visit, sample, and meet the owners of Chef Deuce's Island Grill, as well as the many other remarkable restaurants that are part of Knoxville Food Tours. We've been exploring, supporting, and connecting the public with the culinary gems and best-kept secrets of Knoxville since 2010.

Paula Johnson

Knoxville Food Tours