Letter: Another Diversion

To all those "birther" folks out there: You are wrong.

And today I address this letter specifically to a Mr. Doug McCormick, who wrote a long, misinformed, full-of-holes mistake piece in the Knoxville Metro Pulse telling our governor to protest our president's citizenship.

And this warped version of the intent of our Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, is just another attempt to proclaim that Barack Obama is not and never was a "natural-born citizen." Sir, you are so wrong in so many uneducated ways, even with all your patriotic phrasing.

I did research on this issue. I am also a supporter of our Constitution.

1.) Your letter is most definitely another attempt to "prove" our president is not a U.S. natural-born citizen. (I have a T-shirt with the president's official birth certificate from the state of Hawaii on the back. It is dated August 4, 1961.)

2.) According to the Congressional Research Service, the official interpreter of our Constitution, here is the definition of natural-born citizen: U.S. citizenship is certified at birth or by birth and is defined as any child who is born in the United States other than to foreign diplomats in service to their country. It includes children of U.S. citizens born abroad and those born of one citizen parent who has met U.S. resident requirements.

3.) The following facts disprove your theory, your opinion/myth, that President Obama is not a citizen. He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, a state that gained statehood two years before Barack Obama was born. His mother was a citizen of the U.S. Her parents were citizens and patriots who served our country honorably during World War II. His father was a foreign-born national who studied in America for several years before and after the president's birth.

So, Mr. McCormick, yours is just another birther opinion/lie to try and prove that our one-half black president is not a citizen and that he is not "natural born."

In fact, you insult all of us who are natural-born citizens today. My own family history is an example. My Irish ancestors escaped/emigrated to this new country to survive the famine and horrendous rule of King George and his "ownership" of Ireland. When the Scots and Irish made it here, they had to hide, change their names, live in secret until they achieved citizenship. In other words, sir, all the millions who came to this country seeking freedom from oppression were not "natural born," according to your "theory."

In fact, several of your birther friends have already been laughed out of federal courts for attempting to prove this idiocy. That crazy lawyer, Orly Taitz, was told she must pay all court costs for her shameless hatred, then the judge fined her $10,000 more for wasting the court's valuable time.

So these are the facts about our president's citizenship. I expect you to do the right thing and apologize to Metro Pulse and its readers for taking up space with yet another false conspiracy opinion about our president. Just like those well-armed fools who tried to invade the McMinn County Courthouse and force that judge to declare that President Obama is not a citizen, you all just make your cause look more ridiculous.

All this crap has just served as another diversion from the truth: President Barack Obama is overqualified to be president and he is proud of his black heritage and his white heritage. For the last three years he has worked tirelessly to bring this country back from the BUSH DEPRESSION. It would not be a bad thing, either, for you to apologize to him personally for attacking his citizenship, his integrity, and his character.

Mary L. Wilson