Letter: Anglo-Saxon Bias

You perhaps don't realize it, but you have used offensive and divisive words in your paper. To wit: The article about Mexican restaurants uses the word "Gringo." ["Taqueria Tour," July 28, 2011] According to The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, third edition, 1992, "gringo" is offensive (p. 797). Also, News of the Weird often uses the term "redneck," also offensive according to the same source. I notice that author Cari Wade Gervin, doesn't use the word "spic." Why not? I also notice that Metro Pulse and Chuck Shepherd in News of the Weird doesn't use the words "spic," "tar baby," "dago," "hebe," etc., etc. Could it be that you are biased against white people of Anglo-Saxon heritage? Everyone realizes that your paper and staff are left-wing, pro-government, anti-business, soft on crime, anti death penalty, pro tax, anti free enterprise, touchy-feely, anti-gun, but you need to try to be fair, at least. True "Diversity" doesn't mean denigrating a specific class of people in order to advance your agenda.

John Snyder

Knocksville, Tennis-Shoe