Letter: Algebra Pays Off

I caught Mr. Brantley's quote on the value of Algebra in your March 27th issue. [Quote of the Week, Knox Triage] Given the proximity to ORNL, UT, and our desire to attract new business to our technology corridor, I wonder who he thinks he is representing? Would 3D manufacturing, carbon fiber technology, or the L&N robotics competition exist without basic skills in algebra, geometry, or trigonometry? I suggest Mr. Brantley take a closer look at the needs of our society before he admits to his personal disdain for the value of science and mathematics in our future. This country has thrived on innovation and leads the world in that category. Perhaps he should take a tour of the facilities at Oak Ridge, the proton medical facility or the new engineering campus at UT before he demeans the value of higher education.

Bruce H. Glanville

President, Technical Society of Knoxville