Lay Off the Vendetta

Just a little note from Bill the Busker. Thank you for all your support, Knoxville, in the past month over my citation—but I also want to your cooperation on something as well. Much of the resultant problem and continuation of the fight from the KPD is that so many of you are blogging and e-mailing online and to the KPD, venting all of your anger and problems and grouping all of the police as attacking me unfairly. Yes, a couple, maybe four uninformed officers have come upon me with their personal attempts to interpret the law and enforce it wrongly, grouping me with the homeless (which I feel is criminal that there is so many). I live myself wherever my body is. I lay down my body when it is tired and where I feel welcome by others. But to the point, to group these young officers and the older, wiser officers together is doing the KPD a disservice. I have in eight years of busking in Knoxville had uniformed officers tip me and treat me quite nicely. I wish not to head a vendetta against all policemen and women but encourage all of us to take the motto to heart and see how we can all "Protect and Serve" each other's 1st Amendment rights and realize the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

William Page