Knoxville Grrl

I was one of the artists that attended and participated in The Indiegrrl Conference and Festival. ["Girl Power" by April Snellings, Aug. 19, 2010] My husband and I drove to Knoxville from New Jersey and we had a fantastic time. We loved your city! It was a perfect place for this festival and it was obvious to us that a lot of the success of the conference was due to the support of your city and the local media and radio. The Holiday Inn was a wonderful place to hold the conference. The music scene, the stores, the restaurants were all great. We really loved the warm feeling of your city and have been telling our friends here in the Northeast about what a great destination it is. Thank you for your support of the Indiegrrl Festival. We will definitely be returning for it next year.

Jill Cagney

Cranford, N.J.