Joe Sullivan Deluded

After reading Joe Sullivan's piece on "Deluded Opposition" [Insights, March 31, 2011], I am struck by just how little he and the Democratic Party seem to know of the Constitution and our own history. He exhorts Andrew Jackson from the grave at the Hermitage to admonish the State of Tennessee for its passage of the "Health and Freedom Act." His point being that Jackson had excoriated South Carolina on their Nullification Resolution as he had adjudged they were placing state law above federal legislation. This case is very different. The fact is that the Affordable Care Act has already been declared "unconstitutional" by one federal judge. There will be others. The President chooses to ignore the ruling.

Mr. Sullivan opines that the constitutionality of Obamacare will be determined on the basis of whether it is deemed appropriate for the Congress to legislate interstate commerce. Wrong. Obamacare does not propose to simply regulate commerce, it proposes to legislate individual behavior and specify a product that every American must purchase or be punished by the government. This is very different from the original intent of the Commerce Clause! Mr. Sullivan speaks to what he calls, "some vague ‘inalienable right of liberty.'" There is nothing vague in the Constitution on this topic. We are all free men and entitled to choose which services and products we buy. The Commerce Clause of the Constitution has been one of the most inappropriately applied articles in this century. It has been constantly employed by Democrats to steal our liberty and foist regulations and laws onto the American public. Obamacare is simply another even more outrageous attempt to do the same.

But there is one point on which Mr. Sullivan and I are in full agreement. Oh, could it only be that Andrew Jackson could be brought back from the Hermitage and installed into the White House. Just a casual read of Jackson's great biography, American Lion, will let you know two of his most sacred tenets of leadership. First was a fiscally responsible, debt-free federal government that paid its own way; and second was his total distrust and hatred of any central banking institution. Were Jackson actually President right now, we would not have Obamacare. We would not have trillions in debt being added each year. We would not have an out-of-control Congress that felt fully obliged to reach into a man's pocket and steal his wealth to give to others. We would not have totally unenforced borders that not only allow, but encourage, illegal entrance to our country. Most of all, we would not have a Federal Reserve Bank that, on its own and with no legislative oversight, spends billions on bank giveaways, and specious "quantitative easing" (in other words print fake money in the basement) measures. Oh yes, Mr. Sullivan, I could only hope for another Andrew Jackson in the White House... you Democrats would be looking for any kind of cover available! I suggest you reread his history before you wish for his renewed presence.

My last question to you, Mr. Sullivan, is a more simple one. From where does the moral obligation arise that one man must help pay for another man's health care? And from where do you, sir, derive the moral or Constitutional "right" to require Americans to give their wealth and property to others? We all have "inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." This is not unclear. So I applaud our Republican legislators who have finally stood together and said no. I applaud our governor for signing the legislation. And finally, I decry you, sir, for attempting to steal every man's liberty and property under the false guise that you are "regulating commerce."

Robert W. Pollock