It's the Law

If I cut out non-pertinent words from Section 19-186 of Knoxville's Municipal Code (concerning fortune-telling), it reads "No person shall advertise… to locate an oil well, gold or silver, or other ore or metal or natural product by means of… science." ["The Official Insider's Guide to Knoxville, Vol. 1," cover story, Aug. 27, 2009] The central focus of a large proportion of geologists and geophysicists is to use science to find oil, ores, and other natural products. I take it from the wording that it might still be legal for geoscientists to use science to find natural resources, so long as they don't advertise in Knoxville. Still, I know some of these folks, and can assure you, they're not going to like this restriction, never mind their being thrown in the same category as fortune-tellers!

Les P. Beard, P.G.

Oak Ridge