I'm Still the Editor, Dangit

First of all, it's fantastic to see Jesse Fox Mayshark back at the helm again! Metro Pulse has always been at its best when he occupies that chair. Taking a bite of the Big Apple is a good thing, but here is where Jesse is really needed.

A special thanks to Jack Neely for his recent, spot-on tribute to Robert Loest. ["Robert Loest, 1943-1010," Secret History] Robert kept us all honest.

And last, but not least, many thanks to Jack Neely for his excellent feature about the work of Bruce McCarty. ["Knoxville Modernism and Bruce McCarty," March 18, 2010] That was long overdue, and Mr. McCarty has been the leading modernist in town for the duration of his career. His humane, livable houses alone are exemplary, particularly in this time of truly irrational excess. It's high time that we return to building in a way that is a meaningful expression of our own era, rather than of the 17th or 18th century or of the eclectic 1920s and '30s.

Nick Wyman