Hypocritical Behavior

I write this letter in response to your excellent article, "Love, Hate, and Tolerance." [cover story by Rose Kennedy, Oct. 7, 2010] I write as someone who moved away from Knoxville this summer, moving away from being a minister in a downtown Knoxville church to a church in Frankfort, Ky. While I read with appreciation the few instances of gay and lesbian couples not facing open hostility, I also lament that our church-soaked society still treats people who are "other" as unworthy of our full embrace. It seems to me that while our Bible-belt culture may not overtly seek to harm same-sex people, at least not as much in times past, we still want to treat such folk like lepers to be avoided at all costs. What a shame that we cannot move past this hypocritical behavior, especially when the church, who is called to practice welcome and love for all, is the biggest culprit in this hostile self-righteousness.

Rev. Scott Rollins

Frankfort, Ky.