Hit And Run Bicycle Accident

Because a SUV driver near Broadway and Grainger Avenue was too busy to stop after they hit a bicycle rider at 1:30 a.m. two days before Christmas (Dec. 23, 2009), the recovering young man is now saddled with high hospital bills that he is unable to pay.

There are some good people around however. Someone later did stop to assist my son. They dropped the wrecked bike off at his apartment, and took him to Ft. Sanders' Emergency Room. Thank you, kind people. Our son had no family in Knoxville to help him on the day of the accident.

We are thankful that my son should completely recover physically, with only pavement burns on his back and a superficial head wound that got as big as a golf ball. However, please think how you would feel if you were hit and the person who hit you just left without checking on your condition.

The lights were functioning on his bike. He was wearing a helmet. He gave the speeding driver behind him plenty of room to go past him.

He is one of the millions in this country without health insurance. He had recently lost a job that didn't offer health insurance. He was a grade A student in both high school and at UT. He doesn't drink.

Who ever you are who hit my son, I ask you to contact me at the e-mail address below, so we can start making payments on his hospital bill and repair his bicycle. Will you come forward to redeem yourself for the harm you did when you hit my son and left him on a busy street to fend for himself while you left the scene? I can be reached at rachael_bliss@yahoo.com.

Rachael Bliss

Asheville, N.C.