Hate = Ignorance

It's tragic what happened on Sept. 4 to Carol Ann and Laura Stutte. ["How We Handle Hate," Citybeat by Rose Kennedy, Sept. 23, 2010] Here you have two women who love each other and who have chosen to spend their life together. They not only share their lives together as partners, they also share a home together. This is their right. It may not be a union that some people approve of, but it is one that should be respected. To think that an individual(s) would violate the rights of these ladies by maliciously burning down their home, and ridiculing them for who they are, is hate personified. But it's much more than hate—it's a deep-seated ignorance that is taught and perpetuated; it's a backwards mentality that will never be dispelled.

I wish the best for Carol Ann and Laura, and pray for their healing. I also pray for those who have hardened their heart by hate.

Chad Sexton