Handwritten Non-Sequitur Letter of the Week

All this nonsense about dark energy and dark matter is bunk. The expansion of the universe happens and even speeds up because the universe is still young. Some parts of it will continue to travel to infinity and other parts of it that are close enough together will eventually decelerate, collapse, and form the germ of new universes when they explode outward into the cosmos again. Like new stars being born in nebulae, new universes will be born. And expand, speed up, parts will condense and form seeds of new universes forever. Like plants going to seed. New universes keep expanding and parts of it condensing till the time comes when all of its energy is dissipated and it is exhausted. Unlike the balls on a billiard table which don't split into smaller balls each time they are struck to infinity, or perhaps, yes, universes become smaller and smaller to infinity, till they break all known laws of physics, and enter dimensions unknown. And perhaps in those strange dimensions new energy is created, and as a result new matter, forever

Mike White


P.S.: The only reason that creation happened, anything happened at all, is because everything is ever so slightly asymmetrical.