Good or Bad

The article headlined "The War on Teachers" is just a sick-o, it's that misleading if not a downright lie [cover story by Jesse Fox Mayshark, March 3, 2011]. There is a battle on unsustainable budget growth, and unions for public service employees which serve no legitimate purpose other than to empower one political party at the tax payers' expense are justifiable targets for cuts or elimination. Reducing the power of the teachers' unions is hardly a war on the teachers themselves any more than is verifying their qualifications.

Unions for private business employees have all but disappeared, whether for good or bad I don't know. Now the union bosses are battling for some reason to exist. Since they almost exclusively supported the Democratic party, members of that party are loath to see them disappear.

The bottoms line is that trillion-dollar deficits cannot long endure. Something's gotta go.

Carl Porter