Fox, Chickens, Health Care

I agree with William C. Schall's title ["Fix Health Care Now," letter to the editor, Aug. 13, 2009] and his last sentence, "We can't afford not to fix health care now."

The rest of his comments were his cherrypicking personal opinions.

I would like to know why the left never mentions A) tort reform (limiting legal liability), B) the general theft of taxpayer's money by Congress—The Townshend Act was originally a trust fund—but Congress [both sides] dumped FICA taxes into the General Fund and spent them every year. We do not hear Obama offering to give us sheared sheep any legal deterrence, prosecution for criminal acts, or any other kind of anti-theft measures, do we?

Congress is currently guiltier than Nixon ever was. He lied. Congress steals, and is still defaulting on public trust. Reasonable people know better than to trust a fox to watch its chickens, no matter if the left (Schall) does call disagreement "cant, rant, and rude behavior."

Yes, we do need health-care reform, but not from anyone in Washington, D.C.

Robert Crehore

Oak Ridge