F Is for Everyone

This arrives in response to William Wright's letter titled, "Obamaphobia is Real," which was printed in the Nov. 11 edition of the Metro Pulse.

I find it interesting that Mr. Wright thinks a bumper sticker that reads "F Obama" is somehow racially motivated. To the contrary, I think this only affirms that Mr. Obama is being treated with the same level of respect as previous occupants of the oval office. Just how is it that the expression "F Obama" is racially motivated while the expression "F Bush" is presumably not? I would imagine that if it were somehow possible to actually count the number of "F Obama" vs. "F Bush" bumper stickers that the latter would outnumber the former 10 to one. Presidents have always been and will continue to be "cursed and belittled," regardless of race, gender or ideology—it simply comes with the territory. Does Mr. Wright believe that President Obama should be exempted from such expressions of disapproval simply because of his race? If someone wants to express a political view in such a vulgar and distasteful way, I for one stand ready to support their constitutional right to such verbal stupidity—regardless of race, religion, creed or the size of their pickup truck.

It would seem that in Mr. Wright's self-righteous liberal world, racists can be identified simply by how they wear their hair and the type vehicle they drive. In other words, one does not actually have to use a racial epithet or commit a racially motivated crime to qualify as a racist, one just needs to look the part. It's fascinating and quite telling that the tolerance-feigning Left seems so eager to view any expression of political discourse toward this administration, profane or otherwise, through the prism of race. Indeed, Democrats seem to be obsessed with race. I suppose that is to be expected from a party that in 2006 re-elected a 10-year member of the Ku Klux Klan to a ninth term (that's 45 years) in the U.S. Senate. Now THAT is "socially backward."

Phil Hardison