Dooley? Best?!

I was truly amazed to read the 2011 Best Knoxvillian award went to Derek Dooley. [Best of Knoxville, May 12, 2011] Certainly this must be a joke I wasn't aware of as it seems so ridiculous it couldn't be true. What does it say about our town or the readership of the Metro Pulse to, out of hundreds of thousands of people working hard to make Knoxville a better place, choose the football coach because he's "anybody but Lane Kiffin."

For everyone who comments that all this town cares about is UT Football, here's your proof. Instead of recognizing servants of the community who care for the needy, drive business development, invest in the future of arts or education, or simply work to champion all that is good about our town, Knoxville chose a football coach.

I'm sure Derek Dooley is a nice guy who's working hard, which is what he was hired to do, but as for Knoxvillian of the Year I'm more than disappointed in the poll voters and what this says about who and what we care about. Congratulations Knoxville, you just fulfilled your stereotype.

Larsen Jay