Destructive Bills

I'm a voting resident in Tennessee and I'd like to know how an elected representative, Joe McCord, can be allowed to sponsor and cosponsor bills in the state Legislature which apply directly to his private business interests. His financial involvement in Vulcan Materials, as well as some development and real estate firms, would be enhanced if his attempts to lower standards and immediate oversight of our clean water are successful. Mr. McCord has repeatedly sponsored bills (HB's 1616, 0973,1204, 1615, 1205) which would make it easier for mining companies and developers et. al., to pollute, bury, and poison our waters while exempting the offender from liability or oversight. How this conflict of interest is allowed baffles me. The selfish, unethical endorsements of these destructive bills must make short-term financial sense to his businesses yet this does not represent the interests of those of us who must drink the water.

Patrick Morales