In Defense of John Faulkner

First of all, I greatly appreciate all of the coverage that the Metro Pulse has given my band and their continued support of the local music scene. In response to the letter in last week's issue that was directed at John Faulkner's review… I would simply like to say that those are not Hyfantis and The Bishops Bands' opinions. As a writer, one potentially exposes himself to harsh critiques. I know this as a songwriter and I know how it feels to have my work bashed, and that is the risk that I take.

Free speech is something that our band not only believes in, but we rely on it and we hope that the day never comes when we lose that. At the same time, it gives anyone the right to either praise our music or vehemently rip the band a new one.

So John, we are in the same boat and we wish you success. Thanks for listening to and reviewing Carnival Authority.

Kevin Hyfantis