Dave Prince Shockingly Romantic

I really just wanted to say that, although I am not a whimsical or silly romantic sort of girl, the piece that Dave Prince wrote to Katie asking for her hand in marriage absolutely made me gasp out loud in my kitchen! [Digital Hackery, March 25, 2010] I was just puttering along reading through all the band reviews deciding who at the Big Ears Festival I wanted to see. I randomly read his article, "A 140-Character Sonnet," thinking to myself, okay ... this is a little cheesy, but cute, and I'm sure his girlfriend loves it. I got to the very last line and read, "Katie, I love you. Will you marry me?" and squealed a little. My eye's actually got a tad misty. It was a creative, unique, and insanely sweet way to go about asking for a woman's hand in marriage.

So Dave Prince, I say to you, well done! And also, congrats! I'm sure with a write-up like that it was easy for her to say yes :)!

Sara McLaughlin


Ed. Note: And indeed, the answer was yes.