The Crimes of John Faulkner

I recently read a music review from this week's issue of the Metro Pulse that made me cringe. I absolutely couldn't believe it got past your editors. The review was for Kevin Hyfantis and the Bishop's Bands' new CD. There were several reviews all written by the same author (Matthew Everett?) and all were accompanied by the cover art—all except Kevin Hyfantis' review.

Your publication has done them a great disservice. I don't know who John Faulkner is or how he wandered into your establishment but he needs to be banned from writing anything more complex than his name. His review proved him to be unintelligent, obviously ignorant of the music scene, and incapable of writing for anything more than a picture search for Highlights Magazine. He jumped around, dropped several other band names, threw out references to other music genres, and was WAY off on his descriptions.

Did he even listen to the CD first or did he let a 13-year-old girl do it and take her word for it?

I was also shocked by the fact that he outright named Kevin Hyfantis as "the star," as if to imply the band was completely insignificant. I thought that was extremely unprofessional and disrespectful.

Needless to say—I was unimpressed, embarrassed for the Metro Pulse, and especially embarrassed for the band. They did not deserve to have your worst writer review them after all the hard work they've put in to this CD. Honestly? You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Meghann Borden


Note: The album was submitted for review as a CD-R, and did not come with album art.

—Coury, ed.