Corrections: July 29 Issue

An article by Jesse Fox Mayshark about the Haslam family's history in Knoxville ["Knoxville's Co-Pilots," July 15, 2010] misstated the details of the University of Tennessee football team's 1952 bowl game. The 1952 squad, led by Jim Haslam, went 10-0 in the regular season but lost to Maryland in the Sugar Bowl, 28-13. It was the 1953 team that lost to Texas in the Cotton Bowl.

A column by Rikki Hall about local elections ["Slim Pickings," July 22, 2010] mistakenly stated that three candidates are running unopposed. Amy Broyles, Finbarr Saunders, and Pam Trainor are all in contested races on the Aug. 5 ballot.