Corrections: Aug. 5, 2010

There were three errors in Rose Kennedy's write-up of the Bayou Bay/Tony Orlando anecdote in "Celebrity Sitings!" [cover story, July 29, 2010]: First, the station mentioned is WJBZ (Praise 96.3), not WJZB as written. Second, the preacher at the station was the Rev. Mull, not "Mall." Third, the person telling the story, co-owner of Bayou Bay, is Andy Cantillo, not "Castillo." The misspelling of the Rev. Mull's name was pointed out by several people, but Mike Clark wrote in with another gentle rebuttal. He pointed out the possibility that the Rev. Mull, who died in 2006, may have been gone before Cantillo's anecdote occurred. Here's the way Mike Clark remembers Tony Orlando: "He came to do an on-air interview about a concert he was going to do in Pigeon Forge. I'm the one who did the interview, and he was very pleasant and personable. He spoke about a lot of things, including a past drug problem and his current life as a Christian."