Corker vs. Waste

I am writing to express opposition to a project that is being debated in Washington D.C.—one that will take $20 billion out of the pockets of Tennessee taxpayers. Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is pushing for federal funds for the O'Hare Modernization Project. That's an enormous amount of money to spend on a runway expansion that studies show will do nothing to relieve airport congestion! In fact, many are referring to it as a Runway to Nowhere.

President Obama recently addressed the nation's mayors and warned them that he would out any wasteful spending. I question when the president plans to call out fellow Chicagoan Mayor Daley for this proposal for wasteful government spending. This is unacceptable and I find it outrageous that my tax dollars may wind up being spent on this wasteful program.

Sen. Corker has been clear and consistent in his statements regarding federal spending and the need to restrict it to the most efficient, targeted, and temporary programs that actually get people working and will make a difference. I think this program is a clear contradiction to what all Americans want to see happen with their tax dollars. I urge Sen. Corker to do all that he can to weed out this kind of pork in Washington, D.C.

Michael Rogers, Cookeville