Confusing Development

Your recent article about Mr. Walker ["Randy Walker Throws His Hat In" by Frank Carlson, Jan. 28, 2009] had a serious error in the report. Mr. Walker while working for ORNL has in fact helped our company in that we were selected competitively for the emplacement of several systems at weight stations in Tennessee, South Carolina, and Kentucky. We fully support Mr. Walker for his efforts in supporting local businesses and understanding local, state, and federal government programs.

However, Mr. Walker had nothing to do with the development, management, or business of Nucsafe other than his role in inviting us to participate in the Southeast Corridor Weigh Station program.

Rick Seymour

CEO, Nucsafe Inc.

Oak Ridge

Randy Walker greatly appreciated the opportunity to discuss his campaign with the Metro Pulse last week. It would appear that a simple misunderstanding has occurred in Frank Carlson's recent article featuring Randy Walker and his run for the State Senate District 7 seat, which I would like to clear up. Randy Walker was not involved in the development or management of Nucsafe. Randy Walker is an employee of Oak Ridge National Laboratory and in one of his roles at ORNL, he helped to cultivate the relationships necessary for Nucsafe to make competitive bids which eventually resulted in Nucsafe placing radiation monitoring systems in Tennessee, South Carolina, and Kentucky. Dr. Rick Seymour has and continues to applaud Mr. Walker for his efforts in supporting local businesses and, as is evident in the case of Nucsafe, these efforts have translated into jobs in East Tennessee. I sincerely apologize for any confusion in the matter.

Andrew Roberto, Chair

Committee to Elect Randy Walker