Comics Appreciation

Your annual Comics and Puzzles Issue [June 10, 2010] was jam-packed full of fun. It was immensely enjoyable. Alas, however, I was disappointed in my knowledge of Knoxville. As I tallied my score for the "Test Your Knox Q" quiz, I flunked. I was disheartened that I missed question #6: "Of the following, who is literally a native Knoxvillian?" I picked the obvious Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale. Even though I knew that the brilliant Oscar-winning Quentin Tarantino had Knoxville ties, I certainly didn't know he was a native of Knoxville. So thanks for helping me brush up on my knowledge of this fair city of Knoxville, Tennessee, and thanks for a truly entertaining issue!

Chad Sexton


Ed. Note: Online voting for the new comics published in that issue resulted in one breakaway winner, Matt Bors' "Idiot Box." So we've added it to our comics lineup, along with "Mild Abandon" by E.J. Pettinger and "The Dinette Set" by Julie Larson. We've also added some local comics in the regular rotation: "A Cannonade of Hogwash" by Shafer Powell, and alternating from week to week will be "Hearts" by Lovey Loverson and "Plenty and Hope to the Unfortunates of the Earth" by Oyvind Mercer. Meanwhile, "Dirtfarm" and "This Modern World" will be on hiatus.