Comic Time Capsule

Reading the reprint of the Aztec comic strip for the second time brings back a lot of memories from earlier years in Knoxville. [Knoxville Confidential by John Mayer originally ran in 1992-93.] Even then, it seemed rare if someone asked if you were born here. Now, most of my friends that I regularly socialize with are from outside the area or state, even my wife (ex included). I rarely see or even have conversations with anyone from that time period or before.

Where have all the native Knoxvillians retreated to? Maybe we are part of the Aztec underground waiting for the right moment to arise again and rule over the invaders. If only the sun would return to our skies to power our return. I was in Mexico last week and I definitely felt its power—maybe it was the tequila shots. Anyway, this strip has been like opening a time capsule.

Rocky Ryan