Choosing Sides

I want to thank the Metro Pulse for the thoughtful article about same-sex couples. I appreciate the questions raised and more than anything, the courage of each couple who participated in the interviews. Thank you for sharing your stories with us. They were heard.

Given that we do live in a primarily conservative Christian East Tennessee, I wonder if the Metro Pulse would ever consider exploring another subset of our population: homosexual Christians who choose to follow Christ instead of homosexuality. Your article made me wonder about this. What is that life like and how does Knoxville react to it? Christianity is often translated as "ignorance" by the more liberal community. But to the Christian, faith is about seeking wisdom and truth, pursuing someone higher and giving your life to that purpose—no matter the cost. It seems to me that denying your sexuality—something that seems so deeply personal—because of your faith, would be a very challenging lifestyle. I would suspect that there are many in East Tennessee who face this choice. Do they find encouragement or acceptance from their families? From their church? From the LGBT community? I'm curious. And it might be a nice continuation of the open dialogue this week's article began. Thanks for making me think!

Chad Phillips

Lenoir City