The Chomsky™ Brand

Hey, thanks for this piece on Chomsky. It's great. ["15 Minutes of Noam," Guest Speaker by Cari Wade Gervin, Jan. 20, 2011]

It isn't every day we get to read about an anarchist/socialist/whatever who has a trust fund worth millions of dollars which is untouchable by the United States government because he's devised a way to make it off limits to federal confiscation.

Personally I don't mind that the guy makes $15k+ per appearance dozens of times a year on college campuses.

And if you can't make it to the University of Tennessee to hear him speak, you can always download one minute of his speeches on the evils of capitalism for 79 cents a minute. Heck, why not just buy his CDs with clips from different speeches for around $13? Seems reasonable for a someone who wants to "spread the wealth around." As long as it's spread to his bank account routing number.

But books are where Chomsky really rakes it in. Even though most of his "books" are just interview excerpts or transcribed speeches.

Yeah, Chomsky is a great multi-level marketing "socialist."

He's in favor of redistributing everyone's income.

Except his own.

Melissa Saunders