Break the Cycle of Political Stupidity

It's time for the stupid cycle in Knoxville city politics to begin. Feb. 1 was the deadline for first candidate disclosure report. We have a handful of candidates declared for mayor and one for City Council who have named treasurers and will reveal their finances. Caution!

This is when we see that some have done well raising money and some may have not. Automatically we assign front-runner status to some and cast some aside merely for their abilities to raise money thus far. Let's keep money in perspective please.

Perspective in this case is the Primary Election calendar. The first day to pick up a nominating petition is not until March 18. The qualifying deadline is not until June 16. There are three reporting periods before Election Day, Sept. 27.

The amount of money raised by any potential candidate means that and that alone, it says nothing about a person's ability to legislate or govern. We don't even know all the candidates at this point.

All this talk about money raised for mayor overshadows the fact that there are four open City Council seats and municipal (city) judge on the ballot as well. For once, let's have an intelligent debate within this city about the candidates' stance on issues, whether they have a dime or a dollar in their accounts.

When our current City Council, mayor and judge make decisions now, do we scrutinize them based upon their campaign accounts balances? Then why do we determine winners and losers based upon money raised? Raising money for elections should be to enable a candidate to get out their message. Let's be certain they have a message before we vote for them. I know plenty of people with wads of cash that I would never vote for. Don't you? Let's be smart.

Hubert Smith