A Blind Eye Watching

Once there was a group of people yearning to make their nation strong, to protect the people, and help them in times of need. They formed a government built on laws and the Constitution that was written by them. These people would be ashamed of the individuals in charge today. The American dream is to have a home, a job, and even a family but in today's world, these dreams are only that, dreams. The government today is not the one that was once dreamed of. They are a government for themselves, not for the people. They sit in their offices and make decisions that benefit large corporations and the rich; they don't care about the poor, the middle class, or the homeless. We were once given a gift, the Statue of Liberty, and on it is inscribed: give us your tired, your weak, your poor, because once upon a time, the government would help them. Now they create them; small businesses are dying, people are losing their jobs left and right, people are being evicted from their homes with no place to go. The government has turned a blind eye to us. They do not care because it isn't their problem. They have become the rich and giant corporations that they now protect. I see everyday more homeless, more jobs being lost, and more pain than people know. Our nation is hurting, who will help us? The government our nation was built on would have, but the giant corporal government we have now is going to make us a third-world country. If our forefathers were alive today, they would be ashamed of the way their citizens are ignored. Many people fought and died to make our nation strong. It is unfortunate that our government, the one millions helped to build, will be the one that destroys our once proud nation. I say to the government: You have made us the poor, the weak, and the sick. Now are you going to fix it? Our once strong nation is now one of pain, suffering, and fear. How do we stand? All alone, for there is no one to help. There is only a blind eye watching and deaf ear listening. There is no voice that can be heard.

Casey Hammer, Knoxville