Bike City

I recently read that there was a movement to put Knoxville on the map as the pet-friendly capital of the world. [Knoxville Googled, Oct. 15, 2009] I'm not sure this is really what would be in the best interest of the city. I'm an animal lover and like to see the pet parks, but pet capital? Please, no.

We must raise our aspirations higher. Our fair city should seek to become the Bicycle Capital of the Southeast—let's bring fitness, commerce, ecology, and social dynamics home and funnel bicycle traffic into downtown via greenways and bike lanes on major roads.

Boys, we are missing the boat. Look at Seattle and Chicago—big cities, no doubt, but they saw the writing on the wall. What's it going to take to open our eyes? Bicycles bring joy into lives and they bring people together. People will come, from near and far, to a city that is bicycle friendly, to live and to vacation, take my word for it!

Let's make a plan for the future and develop something that will impact the city for generations to come.

Lex Paul McCarty