Best Online Comments of the Last Couple of Months

Online Comments: Civic Engagement At Its Best—Or Worst?

I will say I am OUTRAGED though by this article.. Did you hear me? I said OUTRAGED... in CAPS... to EMPHASIZE how strongly my feelings of OUTRAGE are.

I am a loyal KNS commenter. Most (if not all) of my post are highly irreverent and irrelevant (though highly entertaining and funny if you ask me), but I don't even get a single post mentioned on here. You give some props for the haters and fighters that post, but where is the love for those of us who make your news fun to read.

So here is my shout out to the REAL (once again using CAPS for emphasis, not for shouting) life blood on the KNS posts. We are the ones that have learned to laugh at man's darkest moments, who still laugh when humanity is anything but humane. We are the ones who know it is easier to give in to fear, hate, and anger than it is to laugh and smile when the world around you seems to be crumbling, and we will be the ones who are still laughing when the Mutant Aliens from Marvlovian 5 attack and begin eating our elderly (at first of course we will be completely unsure whether this is a good or bad thing which is completely understandable) and someone finally succumbs to the temptation to push the big red nuclear missile launch button which someone was dumb enough to label DO NOT PUSH (those CAPS were not for emphasis.. at least not on my part.. the button is actually labeled in all CAPS.. probably for emphasis) which starts World War III which is strangely one by the Brazilians.. go figure..

Demosthenes, Nov. 5, 2009

The Mensch Factor: How Knoxville's Jewish Community Quietly Helps:

Just yesterday, I received an email to the synagogue's website asking why "Jews are so greedy." Thank you for showing the true side of the Jewish community and Judaism. You have helped to reverse centuries of stereotyping of Jews. Information is the greatest guard against prejudice.

rabbizivic#206481, Dec. 2, 2009

Treble Clef Removal Highlights Void in Art Policy:

So, where do huge treble clefs go when they're no longer wanted?, Dec. 8, 2009

Tennessee's "Guns in Bars" Law Shot Down:

As a patron, and previous employee, of several alcohol serving establishments in the Knoxville area, I have mixed feelings on the whole gun carry in bars concept. I can offer argument for and against both sides. Legally, I think that the ground has already been covered by the choice of owners of said places to post signs declaring the establishment to prohibit the carry at their business. That takes care of the legal side. No, I don't want a shoot out at the Long Branch, but I'm not a target to go around defenseless either.

As for this law being "fraught with ambiguity" I'd like to invite Chancellor Claudia Bonnyman to take a look at the helmet law in this state also. That I suppose is another subject. Smoking to is another subject, but in the face of all the goings on about it, I have thought about opening a bar myself lately wherein all employees and patrons must be smokers to gain entry. Smoke on that a while Nashville.

The thing about the law here though, and the logic behind it, was that people should be able to defend themselves against the over aggressive actions of others. To that end, "law abiding citizens" are at a loss. No matter what the law says, on any given night, in any bar in town, somebody is subject to be "armed". Be it by intent or not, and whether it is known or not by any other customers in the building, it happens. Only when the bullets start to fly do others start getting upset about it. The question, to me anyway, isn't to allow or not to allow, yet to remain aware and responsible for my own actions or not.

cowboy, Dec. 8, 2009

UT Professor Considers Legal Action Over Use Of Charles Darwin Bio:

We're sorry, okay! On behalf of my fellow New Zealanders, I would like to apologise for giving the world Ray Comfort. Usually we'll go to any lengths to make sure everyone knows that someone (or something) famous came from our fair shores, but I think this calls for an exception. I propose that we give Ray Comfort to Australia - they're always trying to pinch things from NZ anyway, like Russell Crowe, Phar Lap, Crowded House, Pavolva (mmmm), etc. After all, Australia is responsible for Ken Ham, so I think it's very believable (in this case it helps that people can't tell our accents apart). So in conclusion, everyone repeat after me: Ray Comfort is from Australia.

kiwichick, December 3, 2009

Kiffin Needs Adult Supervision:

Who cares? I don't care how he gets them, what they do, or how many " sl*ts" it takes! Win and people will look the other way. You think they didn't know Reggie Bush was being payed to play at USC? Of course they did, but when your winning championhips who gives a f--k!

Brett51, Dec. 17, 2009