Artful Thanks

I'd just like to give a huge thank you to Chris Buckner for the super nice review on the Dogwood Regional Fine Arts Exhibit! ["Dogwood Arts Vastly Improves Arts Show," Artbeat, April 2, 2009] There are so many contributors to this exhibit, though. I'd like to thank again Lynda Evans and Lisa Duncan, for setting Chris McAdoo and myself loose and trusting us to run with this project. Thanks to Jo and Jimmy Mason for allowing us to invade the street floor of their wonderful residence for the duration of the exhibit, and the KMA for saving the day by letting us borrow pedestals and their 8' x 8' walls that my husband and Rip Lydick helped me to bolt, support, and end-cap into the big floating center floor islands at the show.

The Dogwood Gala Committee pulled in loads of local music and culinary talent to create a hell of a party last Thursday. Sharif Harb, who does amazing things with chocolate that I can't even figure out, was particularly popular during the Gala.

Thanks to the boatloads of people came to the Gala event and the First Friday opening. I also can't leave out Quote for their enjoyable live performance. We are sorry that we ran out of wine and food on Friday night, it's just the biggest crowd I've ever seen at a First Friday opening. Oh, and of course thanks to all the artists who submitted. There was a lot more really cool work in the over 400 entries that Karlota Contreras-Koterbay just couldn't fit in, but was still excited about.

Last but most certainly not least are, of course, the local patrons who contribute funding and material to allow cultural events like this to happen. They enrich the world we live in with their generosity. In the end, all of this was a terrific surprise in the middle of times that needed a welcome relief; and it is not about any one single individual, it is about elevating Knoxville to its rightful place.

Denise Sanabria, Knoxville