The April Fool's Issue Was Sort of Funny, But Don't Do It Again

Yes, Knoxville is a beautiful place, I love living here, but let's not stick our heads into the sand. There are lots of problems and sickness in the area, and if you do not keep on reporting about them, we will all fall victim to the tyrants, like Hitler and even some more recent ones, that only history will prove out.

I recently tried Pollyannaism on my job at a branch of one of Knoxville's major boat-building companies, after a new hire co-worker suggested to me that it was my attitude (defeatism, anger, frustration, empirical knowledge ) that was making my job so stressful. My job was extremely physical, having been performed by three younger, and more able-bodied men (they were laid off). I tried the Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood approach, and became a willing victim (a sociopath's dream) to what would befall me. I ended up in the hospital, and am now on short-term disability, protected by FMLA for a short while, and I'm sure, will soon be fired. Why? I wanted to believe that I could do it all, be a superman...but we can't always, sometimes we just need to deal with the truth, the ugly facts, the deception, and all the other bad and nasty things that are going on around us.

So, please, Metro Pulse, don't be a Pollyanna, keep on dishing it out, and also, yes, tell us about the good stuff, the beauty, the hope, the happy things.

Barry Friedmann