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For the past few decades, more and more people have been turning to alternative medicine—and Knoxvillians are no exception. The city’s holistic health and beauty options have soared as people seek out solutions that traditional Western practices may not provide. But these services are not always easy to find, and customers have often relied on word of mouth to find practitioners. So we’ve assembled OMMM..., a comprehensive directory of alternative health and beauty services available in the Knoxville area. Let this be your guide to discovering new approaches that may benefit your mind and body.

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  • East Tennessee Reflexology Brings the Ancient Art to Knoxville: Leah Noe has brought non-intrusive, holistic therapy to a new spot in Knoxville, practicing the ancient art of reflexology from the Suburban Office Plaza. A registered, certified relexologist, Leah promotes natural balance and revitalization feet first.
  • The Glowing Body Facilitates Positive Change: Whether it’s a friend or a pitchman making the recommendation, ultimately we are each responsible for making our own decisions about how we live and eat. Ultimately, we are each responsible for knowing and understanding our many—sometimes too many—options. As far as exploring the possibilities, Knoxville has recently gained a considerable resource. The Glowing Body, nestled just off Central in the burgeoning “DoNo” (Downtown North) neighborhood, offers an impressively wide array of yoga, meditation, massage and nutrition experiences.
  • Knoxville Acupuncture & Yoga Center Is About Balance: The Knoxville Acupuncture and Yoga Center’s approach to health is to balance the body’s energy and harmonize the mind, spirit, body and emotions. The Center’s director and acupuncturist, Prasad Robert Hutter states, “I want my clients to feel their best. Of course I want to alleviate my client’s symptoms of pain and disease; however I also want to eliminate the root causes of their illness. I want people to thrive and find their passions, what truly makes us happy and satisfied. This leads to robust health.”
  • Nine Wellness Centre Provides Care Through Counseling: Pamela Nine Martinez, Ph.D., owner of Nine Wellness Centre in Knoxville, has been in the wellness profession for more than two decades. She is a spiritual intuitive, medium, counselor and teacher who specializes in holistic health care through spiritual intuitive counseling, grief counseling, and educational programs.

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