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In addition to our Restaurant Guide, Bar Guide and Band Guide, Metro Pulse staff work throughout the year to provide in-depth coverage of Really Good Things to Know About Knoxville. How to be a good and happy cyclist in town? Got you covered. Want to give your dollars to local holistic health providers in town? We'll point you in the right direction. We've collected our Guides to Knoxville in one place for easy perusal.

The Best of Knoxville

Best of Knoxville: 2010

What is Knoxville? For an answer, you might examine its history, its geography, its census data. Or you might start here. The Best of Knoxville is a democratic accounting of what we like most about our city—the things that make it special for us. Other cities don’t have these particular people creating these particular places to go or art to see or music to hear. So let’s celebrate the ideas that make Knoxville Knoxville. Read more and see the winners >>

The Best of Knoxville

Best of Knoxville: 2009

This marks the 15th year we’ve been celebrating the place (and condition) known as Knoxville with our BoK Readers’ Poll. When we first introduced this alt-weekly staple to the city in 1994, the concept was met with at least some puzzlement: “The best of Knoxville? Knoxville has best stuff?!” But it most certainly did; the cover featured Todd Steed as Best Unsung Hero (“But I’m already sung,” he protested) smoking a Stir Fry Café spring roll in front of the Sunsphere. Crazy, eh? Read more and see the winners >>

Knoxville Bicycle Guide

The Official Insider's Guide to Knoxville

Tips, Shortcuts, Pointers, Advice, and the Straight Dope on Making Life Easier for Yourself in the Marble City Read the Metro Pulse Insider's Guide to Knoxville >> And here's Volume 2.

Outdoors Guide

Knoxville Outdoors Guide

A Resource Guide to Outdoorsy Activity in the Knoxville Area Read the Metro Pulse Outdoors Guide >>

Drinking Flowchart

Download the Drinking Guide Flowchart (PDF)

Download the Drinking Guide Flowchart (PDF) >>

Insider's Guide to Knoxville

Bike Power: A quick ride through Knoxville's bicycle universe

May is National Bike Month, and Metro Pulse is celebrating by giving over most of this issue to bikes and bicyclists. Meet Kelley Segars, your regional transportation planner and bicycling advocate. Meet Elle Colquitt and Jon Livengood, who have sniffed out the best bike routes around Knoxville ... and share their favorites here. Get some air with Corey McPherson, closet BMX-er and ace photographer (and Metro Pulse designer). And meet your many fellow bicyclists and local bike-sellers through our handy list of bicyclists’ resources—everything from off-road routes to clubs to shops to upcoming events to rules of the road. Read the Metro Pulse Bike Guide >>

Holistic Health Guide

Holistic Health & Beauty in Knoxville

For the past few decades, more and more people have been turning to alternative medicine—and Knoxvillians are no exception. The city’s holistic health and beauty options have soared as people seek out solutions that traditional Western practices may not provide. But these services are not always easy to find, and customers have often relied on word of mouth to find practitioners. So we’ve assembled OMMM..., a comprehensive directory of alternative health and beauty services available in the Knoxville area. Let this be your guide to discovering new approaches that may benefit your mind and body. Read the Metro Pulse Holistic Health & Beauty Guide >>

Holistic Health Guide

Living Green in Knoxville

Mine our Earth Day coverage for what global warming means for the Smoky Mountains, how some Knoxvillians are working their own plot of land at Beardsley Community Farm, and local green living tips. Read the complete Earth Day coverage >>

Valentine's Day Guide

Metro Pulse Gift Guides

You can never start planning to early, right? Mine our Valentine's Day Guide and Christmas Guides (for him and for her) to start planning for your next gift-giving occasion. Peruse all Metro Pulse Gift Guides >>