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Knoxville Guitarists

Name Bands
Aaron Shugart-Brown Obadiah
Adam Ewing Mountains of Moss
Adam Dixon The Pecker Gnats
Adam Petty Big Country's Empty Bottle
Adrian Thompson AfterLife
Alex Wade Whitechapel
Alex Bayless Bellfield
Alex Minderman Arpetrio
Amy Porter Red-Haired Mary
Andrew Morrill Argentinum Astrum
Andrew Sexton Andrew Sexton and the Royal Buzz, Jonathan Sexton and the Big Love Choir
Andrew Sayne Madre
Andy Wood Down From Up, Brewster's Millions, J.C. and the Dirty Smokers
Angel Jennings Stump
Angel "Zuniga" Martinez Angel Zuniga Martinez
Angela Bartlett Dixie Dirt
Arrison Kirby Obadiah, Arrison Kirby
Austin Wilson Hey McFly!
Barry "Po" Hannah Brendon James Wright and the Wrongs
Ben Savage Whitechapel
Ben Oyler Tenderhooks, The Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight, Ben Oyler, Double Muslims
Benjamin Cutthroat Shamrock
Bill Warden Black Sarah
Bill Irwin Black Velvet Dogs, The Melungeons
Biz Snyder The Mood
Blake Williams Your Favorite Hero
Blan Williams Sadville
Bob James The Jaystorm Project, Aftah Party
Bobby Merritt On My Honor
Brad Blackwell Brad Blackwell
Brad Blizzard The John Titlow Band
Brad Dills No Love Lost
Brandon Fisher Superdrag
Brandon Biondo Twinkiebots, Wyld Stallyns, Royal Bangs
Brandon Walker My Last Right
Brandon Thomas Sons of the Southside
Brandt Womack Kamuy
Brendon Wright Brendon James Wright and the Wrongs
Brent Thompson Brent Thompson and His Wandering Circus
Brett Cassidy The Westside Daredevils
Brian Jolley Soundtrack Black, Plan A
Brian Baldwin Your Favorite Hero
Brian Kelly Plainclothes Tracy
Brock Henderson Nova Delinquents, J.C. and the Dirty Smokers, The Drunk Uncles
Bruce Johnston Adlin and Appleford Band
Bryan Benson artvandalay
Bryce Russell Grandpa’s Stash
Carl Snow Koro
Chad Grennor Disarmed
Charlie Finch Fecal Japan
Chris Damron Argentinum Astrum
Chris Canada Coveralls, Big Bad Jukebox
Chris Scum Dirty Works, Christopher Scum
Chris Zuhr Sara Schwabe and Her Yankee Jass Band, Clearbranch, The Bearded
Chris Armstrong Retroholics
Chris Guy Smiley
Chris Cook The High Score, The Pop Rox
Chris Durman The John Myers Band
Chris Smallcomb Jenna & the Joneses
Chris Vorhees Dark Hollow Band
Chris Musingo Jaded
Chris Dorsten Taylor Brown and Company
C.J. Profit Monn-Tage
Clayton Knight Monn-Tage
Cody Veals Hey McFly!
Cody Noll Seeing Skies
Cory Kimbro Brendon James Wright and the Wrongs, Mountain Soul
Cozmo Holloway Dishwater Blonde, Aftah Party, The Dirty Guv'nahs
C.R. Bender Grandpa’s Stash
Craig Hallmark Nuthin Fancy
Cruz Contreras The Cruz Contreras Band, The Black Lillies
Dan Hoskins The Mood
Dan McCormack Senryu
Daniel Kimbro Brendon James Wright and the Wrongs, Mountain Soul
Daniel Coy Deek Hoi
Danny Michel Soulfinger
Daryl Yearwood Kimberly Brown and the DRZ
Dave Nichols Smokin' Dave and the Premo Dopes, Todd Steed and the Suns of Phere, Jack Rentfro and the Apocalypso Quartet
Dave Landeo Dave Landeo, Dave Landeo Band
Dave Kenny Ray-O-Vacs
Dave Akers The Super Dave 5
David Claybourne Grandpa’s Stash
David Hales DTrain, The Super Dave 5
Davis Mitchell Dishwater Blonde
Denny Myers John Adam Thomas and the Lonely 45
Derek McRotten Cutthroat Shamrock
Dirty Old Crow Fistful of Crows
D.J. Morrison D.J. Morrison
Donald Childress Kata and the Blaze
Donna Whiting Guffey Sisters of the Silver Sage
Drew Fisher Gander Mountain String Band
Dustin Milotte artvandalay
Ed Winters The Judybats
Eddie King Dark Hollow Band
Elizabeth Dirty Knees
Eric Griffin The Young
Eric Christopher shadowWax
Eric Lee Double Muslims
Eugene Johnson Johnson Swingtet
Evan Melgaard The Reigns Band
Fletcher Stewart Odd Order
Fred Rascoe The Pink Sexies
Grant Geren Nova Delinquents, Same As It Ever Was, Shortwave Society
Gray Comer The Westside Daredevils
Greg Given Diacon-Panthers
Greg Horne Greg Horne, Jack Rentfro and the Apocalypso Quartet
Greg Barker Hotshot Freight Train
Greg McGuire Pegasi 51
Greg Adkins Greg Adkins
Greg Swift Torture Kitty
Griffin Cavender Cherohala, The Naughty Knots
Harold Tarver The Moondogs
Harold Hefner The Mutations
Heath Devine VanKale
Hector Qirko Balboa, R.B. Morris, Hector Qirko Band, Lonesome Coyotes
Henry Gibson Cold Hands, Royal Bangs
Hoss U.S. Policestate
Ian Thomas Ian Thomas
J Lewis Jag Star
Jaimie Cameron Jacqui & the Tumblekings, Slow Blind Hill
Jake Winstrom Tenderhooks, Jake Winstrom
James Maples Centralia Massacre
James "Jaw" Alexcander The American Plague
Jamie Meade Soulfinger
Jared Bivens As Legend Has It
Jared Colinger The Enigmatic Foe
Jason Perry Jescoe
Jason Watson The Quorum
Jason Ellis Jason Ellis
Jason Godfrey My Last Right
Jason Cox Vinyl Season
Jason Hannah Dixieghost
Jason Karnes Angel Zuniga Martinez
Jason Miller AfterLife
Jason Courtney Argentinum Astrum
Jason Henry Luminoth
Jay Guy Smiley
Jay Clark Jay Clark
Jay Allen Dixieghost
J.C. Haun J.C. and the Dirty Smokers
Jean-Louis Lawson Graceful Failures
Jed Eaton Bellfield, The Big Deuce
Jeff Fields The Quorum
Jeff Frazier Smoke 'n' Mirrors
Jeff Caudill The Westside Daredevils
Jeff Barbra The Drunk Uncles, Jeff Barbra and Sarah Pirkle
Jeff Heiskell Heiskell, The Judybats
Jeff "Vegas" Drymon Vinyl Season
Jeff Christmas Hudson K
Jen Rock Deek Hoi, Hudson K
Jeremy Given Diacon-Panthers
Jeremy Pennebaker Scott Miller and the Commonwealth
Jeremy Brading Sons of the Southside
Jill Andrews the everybodyfields, Jill Andrews
Joe King Bones in the Museum
Joel Rudnick Vertigo
Joey McCoy Dirty Johns
Joey Murray Central Funktion
John Davis Superdrag, 30 Amp Fuse
John Montgomery Garage Deluxe
John Kitchen Rocktown Road
John Puckett John Puckett
John Phillips The Black Cadillacs, Faux Ferocious
John Adam Thomas John Adam Thomas and the Lonely 45
Johnny Sughrue The Leningrads, The Judybats
John T. Baker The French Broads, John T. Baker
Jon ""Gentleman"" Scott Sisters of the Silver Sage
Jonathan Kelly The Rockwells
Jonathan Maness Mountain Soul
Jonathan Sexton Jonathan Sexton and the Big Love Choir
Jonathan Geppert Limo Wreck
Jon Paul Plumlee Llama Train
Jordan Sangid Wampus Cat
Josh Holt Generation of Vipers
Josh Hutson Hotshot Freight Train
Josh Hobbs Same As It Ever Was
Josh Gaither The Pop Rox
Josh Stuffle nOne of a Kind
Josh Manis Gamenight
Josiah Atchley Josiah Atchley
JP Reddick Y'uns
Justin Hoskins The Dirty Guv'nahs
Kat Brock Dixie Dirt
Keith Wallen Copper
Keith Ford Keith Ford and the Conviction
Kenny Gilbert Obadiah
Kenton Martin Kenton Martin Trio
Kevin Abernathy Kevin Abernathy Band
Kevin Winegar Kirk Fleta Band
Kevin Rhodes Wide Angle Shot, The Reigns Band
Kevin Hyfantis Kevin Hyfantis and the Bishop's Band, Angel Zuniga Martinez, Taylor Brown and Company, Kevin Hyfantis
Killjoy The Disobedients
Kimberly Brown Kimberly Brown and the DRZ
Kirk Fleta Kirk Fleta Band, Kirk Fleta
Knathan Halliburton The Leningrads, Stewart Pack and the Silent Kays
Kukuly Uriarte Johnson Swingtet
Kyle Campbell Clearbranch, The Bearded
Labron Lazenby Labron Lazenby and the LA 3
Larry Ottinger Retroholics
Laura Bost Same As It Ever Was, Hudson K, Centralia Massacre
Leah Gardner The Cruz Contreras Band, The Black Lillies
Les Emert Hanover Fist
Lisa Speck The Songbirds
Lucas Flatt Sadville
Lucas Sams On My Honor
Mac Comer Mac Comer
Maggie Longmire Maggie Longmire and Free Soil Farm, Lonesome Coyotes
Manning Jenkins Hypertribe
Marc Inocco Sandbox
Marcus Ott Gun*Slinger
Mark Ellis Central Funktion
Mark Meyer Kirk Fleta Band
Mark Coram Mark Coram and the Knox Villains
Mark Appleford Adlin and Appleford Band
Mark Boling Boling, Brown & Holloway
Martin Geppert Limo Wreck
Matt Wantland 10 Years
Matt Juroff The Bitter Pills, The Vaygues
Matt Brewster Down From Up, Brewster's Millions
Matt Hall New Brutalism
Matt Woods Plan A, Matt Woods
Matt Huling Radio Deadspace
Matt McSpadden Homemade Wine
Matt Silvey Bright Shuttle
Matt Hensley Rocktown Road
Matthew Kear Josiah Atchley
Matthew Hyrka The Black Cadillacs
Melissa Wade Wild Blue Yonder
Mic Harrison The Faults, The V-Roys, Superdrag, Mic Harrison
Michael "Ponch" Goldman Ray-O-Vacs
Michael Essex Michael Essex
Mick Murphy Hypertribe
Mike Barnes Copper
Mike Seal Brent Thompson and His Wandering Circus, Mountain Soul
Mike Smithers 30 Amp Fuse
Mike McGill The Drunk Uncles
Nathan Palmer As Legend Has It
Nathan Moses The Bitter Pills, The Vaygues
Nick Grahl Radio Deadspace
Nick Kurtz 1220
Parke Cottrell Seeing Skies
Pat Pattison Straight Line Stitch
Philip Coward Wild Blue Yonder
Philip Wolff Sea 7 States
Randall Brown Randall Brown, Quartjar, Torture Kitty
Randall Wilkerson Dark Hollow Band
Randy Rocktown Road
R.B. Morris R.B. Morris
Rich Adlin Adlin and Appleford Band
Ricky Dover 1220
Rob Morrow Bellfield
Rob Daugherty Kimberly Brown and the DRZ
Robbie Trosper The Faults, The High Score
Robby Kerr Gamenight
Robert Richards Nova Delinquents, Natti Love Joys, Brewster's Millions
Robinella Robinella
ROC Rocktown Road
Rocky Norman shadowWax
Roger Hay Hanover Fist
Roman Reese Roman Reese
Rory McMillan Thenderfin, Kamuy
Ruff Ricco Tonya Collins and Boogie Shoes
Russ Fuquay Keith Ford and the Conviction
Ryan "Tater" Johnson 10 Years
Ryan Holiday Third Grade Haters
Ryan Hughes The Amend
Ryan Sheley Homemade Wine
Ryan McHale VanKale
Sam Stratton Twinkiebots, Royal Bangs
Sam Quinn the everybodyfields, Sam Quinn and the Japan Ten
Sam McAteer Big Country's Empty Bottle
Sarah Pirkle The Naughty Knots, Jeff Barbra and Sarah Pirkle
Scott Miller The V-Roys, Scott Miller and the Commonwealth
Scott Murrin Bright Shuttle
Sean McCollough The LoneTones, The John Myers Band
Seth Rowlette The Amend
Seth Thacker Straight Line Stitch
Sevan Takvoryan The Accidentals, The Jaystorm Project
Shane Elliot New Brutalism
Steph Gunnoe The LoneTones
Stephen Osborne Madre
Steve Horton Y'uns, Lonesome Coyotes
Steve Crime Dirty Works
Steve Tenbrook nOne of a Kind
Stewart Pack Stewart Pack, Stewart Pack and the Silent Kays
Ted Lowe Barrelhouse
Terry Hill Balboa
Terry Schomer Red-Haired Mary
Terry Kane Faux Ferocious
Thomas Tallant Knoxville Early Music Project (KEMP)
Tim Lee Mark Coram and the Knox Villains, Tim Lee 3, Todd Steed and the Suns of Phere, Jack Rentfro and the Apocalypso Quartet
Tim Worman Clearbranch
Todd Steed Smokin' Dave and the Premo Dopes, Todd Steed and the Suns of Phere
Todd Etheridge Sandbox
Tom Payne Smoke 'n' Mirrors
Tom Pryor the everybodyfields, The Black Lillies
Tommy Bateman The Rockwells
Tommy Goss The Mutations
Tony Johnson Atropos, Kamuy
Trisha Gene Brady The Naughty Knots
Tyler Mucklow Woman, White Gregg
Van Gallick Bellfield
Victor Griffin Place of Skulls
Vince Ingle Dirty Gunnz
Walter Cox Third Grade Haters
Wes Caylor Warband
Wil Wright Senryu
Will Morrell Bones in the Museum
William Mahaffey The Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight
Zach Householder Whitechapel
Zach Land Cold Hands, The HiLites
Zach Wade Gander Mountain String Band
Zane Long The John Titlow Band