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Knoxville Drummers

Name Bands
Adam Bonomo The Black Cadillacs
Alex Melin Madre
Andrew Bryant Garage Deluxe, Wampus Cat
Andy Cosby As Legend Has It
Andy Kohler Sadville, Argentinum Astrum
Andy Campbell Down From Up, Brewster's Millions
Andy Francis The John Titlow Band
Anthony Karnowski The Akashic Mysteries
Arrison Kirby Obadiah, Arrison Kirby
Asher Coker Seeing Skies
B. Riot Dirty Works
Barry Schwartz Smoke 'n' Mirrors
Ben Qualls Dirty Johns
Bill Van Vleet 1220
B.J. Graves Generation of Vipers
Blake Rider Gun*Slinger
Brad Williams Jag Star, The Super Dave 5
Brad Henderson The High Score
Brad Duncan Andrew Sexton and the Royal Buzz
Brandon Lee The Quorum
Brandon Manis Gamenight
Brendon Winett Grandpa’s Stash
Brett Norton Sea 7 States
Brian Vodinh 10 Years
Brian Fribourg Odd Order
Bullie Guy Smiley
Caleb Tipton Hotshot Freight Train
Carey Balch New Brutalism, Black Sarah, Warband
Chad Fifer Bellfield
Charles Crisp Jenna & the Joneses
Charlie Henschen Diacon-Panthers
Charlie Murphy Hey OK Fantastic
Chris Peck artvandalay
Chris Jenkins The Pecker Gnats
Chris Brewer Hypertribe
Chris Rusk Dixie Dirt, The Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight, Royal Bangs
Corey Goins Standing Small
Cory Mollenhour Dixieghost
Curt Davis shadowWax
Curtis Geren Nova Delinquents, Same As It Ever Was, Shortwave Society
Daniel Moore Ray-O-Vacs
Danny Ledford Jenna & the Joneses
Danny Wade Black Velvet Dogs
Dave Campbell Coveralls, Jonathan Sexton and the Big Love Choir
Dave Whittaker Medford's Black Record Collection, The Pop Rox
Dave DeWitt John Adam Thomas and the Lonely 45
Dave Jenkins The Judybats
Dave Neubauer Your Favorite Hero
David Hales DTrain, The Super Dave 5
David Vananda VanKale
Derek Martin Argentinum Astrum
Derrick Dickens The Cruz Contreras Band
Devan Brewer Plan A
Don Coffey Mark Coram and the Knox Villains, Superdrag, 30 Amp Fuse
Donnie Mahan Quartjar
Doug Klein Balboa, Lonesome Coyotes
Doug Meech Smokin' Dave and the Premo Dopes
Doug Jones AfterLife, Gun*Slinger
Dustin Bolt U.S. Policestate
Eric Gass Plainclothes Tracy
Frank Sheadrick Aftah Party, Angel Zuniga Martinez
Free J Supreme Kevin Abernathy Band
Gene Priest Cold Hands, The HiLites
Gerald Ware Dishwater Blonde
Glennie Crocker Nuthin Fancy
Graham McCorkle The Bitter Pills, The Vaygues
Graham Butler Slow Blind Hill
Greg Eisinger Matgo Primo
Hector Qirko Balboa, R.B. Morris, Hector Qirko Band, Lonesome Coyotes
Jacob Nathaniel Limo Wreck
James ""Animal"" Higgenbotham Soulfinger
James Broussard Evan Stone
Jamie Cook The Black Lillies
Jason Stark Woman, The Pink Sexies
Jason Boardman Double Muslims, White Gregg
Jason Roller Kata and the Blaze
Jay Wright Radio Deadspace
J.D. Matlock No Love Lost
Jeff Bills The Faults, The V-Roys, Todd Steed and the Suns of Phere, Stewart Pack and the Silent Kays
Jeff Hauschildt The Moondogs
Jennifer Bradley Deek Hoi
Jere The Disobedients
Jeremy Skalet The Big Deuce
Jeremy Arangio Fifth Street Saints
Jessica Gregory Stump
Jimi Judiscak Bellfield
Jimi Touche Bellfield
Joel Rude Street Peters
Joel Stooksbury Soundtrack Black
Joey Wooliver Hey McFly!
Joey Janeway nOne of a Kind
John Nipper Brent Thompson and His Wandering Circus
John Speed The Mood
John "Louie" Lousteau Sandbox
John Furnari Disarmed
Josh Russell Obadiah
Josh McCulley On My Honor
Josh Henderson Josiah Atchley
Justin Stamey Vertigo
Keith Brown Boling, Brown & Holloway, The Accidentals, The Jaystorm Project, Aftah Party
Keith Anselmo Mountain Soul
Kenneth Brown The Accidentals, The Jaystorm Project, Aftah Party
Kevin Rhodes Wide Angle Shot, The Reigns Band
Kevin Jarvis The Judybats
Kevin Trotter The Melungeons
Kevin Redding Labron Lazenby and the LA 3
Kicki Pena Pegasi 51
Kory Robinson Sons of the Southside
Larry Dunsmore Keith Ford and the Conviction, Soulfinger
Laura Dirty Knees
Lincoln Nesto Copper
Mark Sorum Dirty Gunnz
Mark Mauceri Kirk Fleta Band
Matt Galaher Ga-Na-Si-Ta
Matt Honkonen Llama Train, Tenderhooks, Tim Lee 3
Matt Sharon The Amend
Matt Higginbotham The Enigmatic Foe
Michael "Woody" Emerson Vinyl Season
Mike Dougherty The Westside Daredevils
Mike Allen Brendon James Wright and the Wrongs
Mike Ellison Wyld Stallyns
Nate Barrett Hudson K
Nathan Barrett artvandalay, Jack Rentfro and the Apocalypso Quartet
Nathan Gilleran Grandpa’s Stash
Pat Baker Big Bad Jukebox
Patrick Haynes Straight Line Stitch
Patrick Morgan Soulfinger
Paul Noe Torture Kitty, The Judybats
Paul McGee Luminoth
Phil Pollard The Bearded, Phil Pollard and His Band of Humans, Jack Rentfro and the Apocalypso Quartet
Quinton Thornton Third Grade Haters
Reid Cummings Faux Ferocious
Rick Vance Jacqui & the Tumblekings
Rodney Cash Tim Lee 3, 30 Amp Fuse
Ryan Meadows Jescoe
Ryan Humphries The Reigns Band
Scott Connatser Retroholics
Scott Kapuscinski The Mutations
Seth Gourley The Leningrads
Shane Hart Fifth Street Saints
Shaun Schuetz Kevin Hyfantis and the Bishop's Band
Shawn McWilliams Scott Miller and the Commonwealth
Simon Lynn Dixie Dirt
Steve Miller The Young
Steve Housewright Balboa
Steve Corrigan Same As It Ever Was, The LoneTones, The John Myers Band
Steve Brown Dor L'Dor, Hector Qirko Band
Steven Garner My Last Right
Steven Rogers Senryu
Suavo Cutthroat Shamrock
Terry Casper The Judybats
Terry Mahnken Taylor Brown and Company
Thad Brown Adlin and Appleford Band
Tilmon Navare The American Plague
Tim Tomaselli Place of Skulls
Todd Mierzwa Dark Hollow Band
Tommy O'Domirock Hanover Fist
Tony Rocktown Road
Tony Karnowski Wide Angle Shot
Tony Johnson Atropos, Kamuy
Tory Flenniken Quartjar
Trace Bateman The Rockwells
Travis Schappel Twinkiebots
Tre Berney Bright Shuttle
T.W. Schappel Tenderhooks
Wendell Blakley Jaded
Wes Taylor Arpetrio
Whit Pfohl Gran Torino
Wilbur Minich Ga-Na-Si-Ta
Will Fist Fistful of Crows
Will Morrell Bones in the Museum
Yattie Westfield Natti Love Joys
Zane Harkleroad J.C. and the Dirty Smokers