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Knoxville Bass Players

Name Bands
Adam Bucco The Big Deuce
Adrian Sanabria John Adam Thomas and the Lonely 45
Alex Stevens Matgo Primo
Allyn Crabtree Disarmed
Andres McCormack Senryu
Andy Jones Third Grade Haters
Andy Lewis Labron Lazenby and the LA 3
Anthony Mason Monn-Tage
Aram Takvoryan Big Bad Jukebox, J.C. and the Dirty Smokers, The Drunk Uncles
Barry Jolly Monn-Tage
Ben Price Sadville
Bill Tiller Nuthin Fancy
Bill DeLeonardis The Pink Sexies
B.J. Jones nOne of a Kind
Bobby Arndt Sandbox
Brad Reynolds Copper
Brad Clemmer The Quorum
Brad Carruth Dixie Dirt
Brad Fowler Wyld Stallyns
Brad Deaton The Melungeons
Brandon smith The Westside Daredevils
Brent Myers No Love Lost
Brian Flynn The Reigns Band
Brian Williams The French Broads
Bryan Abercrombie The Amend
Bryan Norris Madre
Cain Blanchard Black Sarah
Casey Hauschildt artvandalay
Chad Farmer Garage Deluxe
Charles Thomas Barrelhouse
Chris Scum Dirty Works, Christopher Scum
Chris Zuhr Sara Schwabe and Her Yankee Jass Band, Clearbranch, The Bearded
Chris Karb Jescoe
Chris Autry Scott Miller and the Commonwealth
Christian Johnson Vinyl Season
Courtney Bryant Wampus Cat
Damion Huntoon Woman, White Gregg
Daniel Kimbro Brendon James Wright and the Wrongs, Mountain Soul
Daniel Brown Dor L'Dor
Dave Basford New Brutalism
Dave Nichols Smokin' Dave and the Premo Dopes, Todd Steed and the Suns of Phere, Jack Rentfro and the Apocalypso Quartet
Dave Slack The Accidentals, Adlin and Appleford Band
Dave Yocum Smoke 'n' Mirrors
Dave Peeples Jenna & the Joneses, The Pop Rox
Dave Dammit The American Plague
David Fear On My Honor
David Hales DTrain, The Super Dave 5
David Peeples The Super Dave 5
Dereke Ashe Cold Hands, The HiLites
Doug Kunhs Limo Wreck
Duane Parks Jacqui & the Tumblekings
Dylan Palmer Faux Ferocious
Earl Hancock Tonya Collins and Boogie Shoes
Ed Richardson Todd Steed and the Suns of Phere
Emily Robinson Tenderhooks, Argentinum Astrum
Eric Leming Andrew Sexton and the Royal Buzz
Frank Sheadrick Aftah Party, Angel Zuniga Martinez
Fred Kelly The Rockwells
Gabe Crisp Whitechapel
Garrett Thomson Seeing Skies
Gary Coleman Dark Hollow Band
George Gondo The Bitter Pills
Gina Roberts Stump
Glyn Lloyd The Jaystorm Project
Grant Hauser Plan A
Greg Dunn Stewart Pack and the Silent Kays
Hannah Scott Gun*Slinger
Henry Gibson Cold Hands, Royal Bangs
Ian Daniels Hey OK Fantastic
Israel "Izzy" Miller The Vaygues
Jackson Deal Central Funktion
Jahti Allen Natti Love Joys
Jake Jones Your Favorite Hero
Jamie Oran Dark Hollow Band
Janet Whiting Giles Sisters of the Silver Sage
Jared Colinger The Enigmatic Foe
Jason Gostkowski Bellfield
Jason White Straight Line Stitch
Jay Daniel Jag Star
Jeff Woods The Cruz Contreras Band, The Black Lillies
Jeff Christmas Hudson K
Jeff "Geezer" Smith Kevin Abernathy Band
Jeremy Carriger Kirk Fleta Band
Jeremy Ogle Hey McFly!
Jeremy Bain The High Score
Jerry Connatser Retroholics
Jesse Jones The Super Dave 5
Jim Williams Hector Qirko Band
J. Niles Haury Jonathan Sexton and the Big Love Choir, Grandpa’s Stash
Joe McLemore Coveralls, The Leningrads
Joel Thompson The Mutations
Joey Fife Radio Deadspace
John Davis Superdrag, 30 Amp Fuse
John Sewell Teenage Love, Torture Kitty
John Stephens Keith Ford and the Conviction
John Springer Luminoth
Josh Lineham U.S. Policestate
Josh Wright Warband
Josh Sidman Deek Hoi
Joshua Tipton Hotshot Freight Train
Justin Nix Dixieghost
Ken Burchett Hanover Fist
Kevin Hyfantis Kevin Hyfantis and the Bishop's Band, Angel Zuniga Martinez, Taylor Brown and Company, Kevin Hyfantis
Kevin Crothers Sea 7 States
Khhriss Hamlet shadowWax
Lee Abney Place of Skulls
Lewis Crosby 10 Years
Longbear The Disobedients
Lucas Wilson The Pecker Gnats
Lydia Merritt Karrigan Rose
Maggie Dirty Knees
Malcolm Norman Quartjar
Maria Williams The LoneTones, The John Myers Band
Matt Silvey Bright Shuttle
Matt Reynolds Down From Up
Matt Presley Gamenight
Matthew Kear Josiah Atchley
Melisa Ball Dirty Johns
Michael Cover 1220
Michael Knott 30 Amp Fuse
Michael Blakley Jaded
Mike Hurst VanKale
Mitch Stewart The Dirty Guv'nahs
Nate Donegan Kevin Hyfantis and the Bishop's Band, Angel Zuniga Martinez
Nathan Brown Obadiah
Nick Raskulinecz Hypertribe
Paisley Rose Bones in the Museum
Patrick Wilson Wide Angle Shot
Paul Noe Torture Kitty, The Judybats
Paxton Sellers The Faults, The V-Roys
Phil Senseny Soulfinger
Philip Anderson The Black Cadillacs
Randall Brown Randall Brown, Quartjar, Torture Kitty
R.G. Hubbard II The Akashic Mysteries
Richard Battaglia Balboa
Rick Styles Down From Up
Rob Heller Tennessee Schmaltz
Robbie Helton Kata and the Blaze
Robby Mathis Dishwater Blonde
Robert Higgenbotham Soulfinger
Robert Richards Nova Delinquents, Natti Love Joys, Brewster's Millions
Ron Rocktown Road
Rusty Holloway Boling, Brown & Holloway
Ryan Gaddis The Enigmatic Foe
Ryan Scott Gun*Slinger
Sam Powers Superdrag
Sean McDougle Twinkiebots
Sid Qualls Gander Mountain String Band
Sonya Easterday Kamuy
Stan Turner Y'uns
Steve Gentry The Moondogs
Steve Britton Soundtrack Black
Susan Bauer Lee Mark Coram and the Knox Villains, Tim Lee 3
Taylor Hiner Same As It Ever Was, Christabel and the Jons
Terry Beal The Mood
Tevy Pena Pegasi 51
The Hussla Fistful of Crows
Tim Stamm Black Velvet Dogs
Tim Stutz The Judybats
Tim Bourke Sons of the Southside
Tom Pappas Superdrag
Tom Scanlan Red-Haired Mary
Tommy Guy Smiley
Tracy Trigger Dirty Gunnz
Travis Kammeyer Generation of Vipers
Trent Little Arpetrio
Trevor Green The Young
Trey Troughbridge Plainclothes Tracy
Vance Hillard The High Score
Will Ross Big Country's Empty Bottle, The Reigns Band
William Tugwell Odd Order
Zach Long The John Titlow Band
Zack Rock Kimberly Brown and the DRZ